If you are experiencing a mental health crisis, please contact a mobile crisis team Crisis text line: Text "MN" to 741741 Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 800-273-8255 (TALK) 612-799-3696​
If you are experiencing a mental health crisis, please contact a mobile crisis team Crisis text line: Text "MN" to 741741 Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 800-273-8255 (TALK) 612-799-3696​

Service Rates

ETS focuses on the individual. As such, offers a unique blend of services. Including coaching, consulting, and therapy.  We suggest having a conversation with us to help determine your goals and needs, and which service will be the best fit for you.

Private Therapy Sessions

Our private pay sessions range from 52 minutes to 90 minutes for therapy (90 minutes reserved for intake assessment if needed) Scholarships available.

  • $225 per 90-minute Mental Health intake
  • $170 per 52-minute post intake individual session
  • $178 per 60-minute (after 60 min, then $25 each 15min) post intake individual session

Healing Art Retreats

Monthly events engaging with mental health and wellness, grief, loss, and bereavement support. Events are $50 per person. Payments can be made by clicking on the button below. Multiple program discounts may apply. Fee may be adjusted based on need. Please reach out and ask.


Chemical Health Assessments

$255 per Chemical Health Assessment, Substance Use(SUD) Comprehensive assessment

For the one time fee of $255, we offer:

  • A complete chemical assessment, meeting Minnesota requirements
  • Referrals to the appropriate resources (education classes, treatment programs, physicians, therapists etc..)
  • Consultation & review of assessment findings including potential risk factors
  • Referral for personalized, professional care, most appropriate for the individual and in line with clients philosophies.

When receiving a DWI/DUI charge in Minnesota, it is imperative that you get a chemical assessment done right away to assist in your case and most cases it is a requirement (see below)


Subd. 2. Chemical use assessment requirement. A chemical use assessment must be

conducted and an assessment report submitted to the court and to the Department of Public Safety

by the county agency administering the alcohol safety program when:

(1) the defendant is convicted of an offense described in section 169A.20 (driving while

impaired), 169A.31 (alcohol-related school bus and Head Start bus driving), or 360.0752

(impaired aircraft operation); or

(2) the defendant is arrested for committing an offense described in clause (1) but is

convicted of another offense arising out of the circumstances surrounding the arrest.

LICSW/LISW Supervision available

We offer clinical supervision services to external providers who are on LICSW and LCSW or are currently LGSW social work licensure tracks. Sessions may be conducted in-person at our Marine on St Croix clinic or via video conferencing. Per Minnesota Board of Social Work requirements, clinical supervision may not occur via telephone. Services include required supervisor documentation submission to the Minnesota Board of Social Work.

Supervised Practice / State of Minnesota Board of Social Work (mn.gov)


Cash, check, Venmo, and major credit cards are accepted for payment. (A 3% fee is added to each credit card transaction) and often split payments are available based on financial need for services.

Cancellation Policy

If you fail to show up for your scheduled therapy or assessment appointment and have not notified us at least 24 hours in advance, you will be required to pay $75 for the session. If you do not provide notice of cancellation and do not log on for the meeting, you will be required to pre-pay before scheduling your next appointment with an additional fee.